Residential Mowing

mowingOur lawn mowing service is the only one you will ever need. We are the professional lawn mowing company homeowners in Frederick County and Washington County have come to know and trust when it comes to taking care of their lawns.

We offer our lawn mowing service as a stand-alone service; or in combination with our landscaping services. The Garden Center’s team will mow your lawn; perform edge trimming around all beds, curbs and sidewalks, clear grass cuttings from your sidewalks, driveways, patios and curbs, leaving your property looking well-tended and pristine.

Our lawn mowing service starts in early April, and we will maintain your lawn all season long. Call us today at 240-818-2225  for pricing and to set up a lawn mowing schedule. We also work with local realtors to keep up appearances at homes for sale.

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