Aeration & Overseeding

aeriationOur residential lawn service also provides lawn aeration and overseeding. The perfect time to aerate your lawn is before overseeding. Overseeding is best done in the fall, to allow for a lush lawn come springtime. Core aeration is the process of pulling out a plug of grass and soil approximately one half inch wide and three inches long.

We prefer this method of lawn aeration as it relieves soil compaction, while increasing gas exchange and water availability to the roots. Don’t worry about the plugs; they will break down naturally in a few weeks. Aeration also allows new grass seed to come in contact with bare soil, which is necessary for the seed to germinate.

After aeration we will perform overseeding. This one step will improve the quality of your lawn more than almost anything else you might do. Overseeding lawns is really nothing more than spreading grass seed over an existing lawn.

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